Prompt: 5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Guess I’m going to have to turn off Celebrity Rehab to respond to this one.

For 2010 I want to remember spending the first day of the year making chicken pot pie with my boyfriend. We had a really strange cooking phase that lasted only a few days and then we were back to hitting up Taco Bell because we’re lazy. I want to remember spending time with my sister when my mom and I flew to Philadelphia to surprise her for her birthday. I want to remember going strawberry picking for the first time and watching the Beekman Boys. I want to remember my first trip to Georgia for a family wedding and how my mom kept begging me to join her on the dance floor.

I want to remember my sister’s trip out to California this summer and sitting with her and my brother-in-law on a bench overlooking the Pacific in Laguna Beach. I want to remember going to see a movie with my boyfriend’s mom (no boyfriend) and spending time just the two of us. I want to remember my excitement over the stray kittens in the backyard and how we domesticated them enough so that now they’re Hansel and Grettle and have their own cat beds. I want to remember dressing Uncle Ned up as a cow for Halloween. I want to remember going to a cheesy night club on a cruise to the Bahamas and watching my completely sober boyfriend show off his amazingly dorky dance moves to his coworkers.

I want to remember having brunch with friends in San Juan Capistrano. I want to remember how great it felt when two of my close friends from college moved back in town. I want to remember all of the happy hours and Taco Tuesdays and extreme amount of tortilla chips I ingested.

As much as I’ve lamented 2010, I want to remember the deep sense of satisfaction that it ended with. It’s probably the year that’s taught me the most about myself, regardless of how unpleasant it’s been at times. It’s the year I learned how truly resourceful and ambitious I am. It’s the year I learned how to cope – or how I should cope in the future – with stress. It’s the year that it struck me that maybe I do have something to offer the world, that maybe I’m not still the awkward and weird 12-year-old that I always envision when I think about myself in my head.

So, how’s that?

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